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Re: [PLUG] Avoid Arvixe at all costs!


there is not much Linux in there anywhere, so I may as well go top

If I am to add any value to this thread it would be to maybe also add 
some possibly useful comments on your thoughts, like that it may also be
an idea to also ask/discuss all this on another, more
aws/container/hosting/etc related list(s)

and my thoughts on thought number (2) is that it really not such a great
idea considering that SES has deliverability issues.. If you want to
outsource email, use Google. 
Even with some Google servers listed on SORBS on occasion, they still
have the highest levels of deliverability (and not for lack of others
trying to break them, Google is simply non evil and really very very
good at email) Amazon SES simply sucks eggs (my POV)

Then again, I would never recommend anyone outsource email, 
from a philosophical perspective it is just a very bad idea to have a
few large companies controlling all email.  - So, if you want to
operate an ISP, do it professionally - employ system admin, email
admins, abuse admins - I am getting so intolerant of c-panel isp's
operating from home on a shoestring and "offering" products and selling
services that they have the audacity to compare to godaddy or other
real isp's and then posting to Linux lists everywhere that a VPS
supplier should be "avoided at all costs" as they were unable to scale
their single vps solution or mount their external drive or whatever.

thought number three: Agreed, wow. Also, want to add that I would be
very surprised if any voice call made it past level one support or sales. 

and yeah, thought number four: Hire an expert. Personally I have found
that everyone is an expert. In fact, we are completely inundated with
'experts' - my best contribution to this thread is to advise the poster
to use a real ISP and get rid of his c-panel VPS - seriously, that is
the best advice imnsho.

I was just last week told by an 'expert' that the reason his Apple
iPhone is not authenticating on dovecot has nothing to do with his
password and that the mail server ssl cert is did not help
that he is the CTO of a largish IT company... of course I truly did
apologize for my broken cert and offered to also change his
password, magically, it worked. He sent me a very nice email thanking
me for updating the ssl certificate.(which I really have to do in about six
months or so...) - maybe i do have people skills after all... maybe not 
so much *sigh* sometimes I feel like an amateur bofh, then I remember
that I am not, I am just plain old rude and intolerant of experts when
not paid to be tolerant.

On Thu, 16 Mar 2017 10:03:49 -0400
Douglas Muth <> wrote:

> Here are my thoughts:
> 1) The phrase "scale out, not up" comes to mind.  As others have
> suggested, don't necessarily run anything on one server.
> 2) Getting an IP address that's not on spam blacklists is a real
> challenge in this day and age.  Also, queuing up (and retying) emails
> locally will consume CPU and disk space.  I recommend sending your
> emails through Amazon SES (Simple Email Service).  It'll avoid a lot
> of headaches.
> 3) You made a *phone call* to your hosting provider to request a
> change? I, uh... wow.  The major cloud providers that I am aware of
> (AWS, Google Cloud, Linode, and Digital Ocean) generally don't do
> this. If you need something like more disk space or whatever, you can
> order it yourself online, through their UI.  And that leads me to...
> 4) I strongly recommend you hire an expert, if even on an hourly
> basis. Their experience of knowing which cloud providers are the
> major players (for example), will save you time and money in the long
> run.
> -- Doug
> On Mon, Feb 13, 2017 at 12:44 PM, Greg Helledy <>
> wrote:
> > We rely on a VPS at Arvixe for our web, email and calendar.
> > I started getting the message that we were running low on space
> > around the first of the year and on January 10th ordered more via
> > phone call. They have STILL not been able to add any space (though
> > they started billing us for the extra space right away).  Multiple
> > support tickets have been closed out without adding the space we're
> > paying for.  I have emailed, opened tickets, used live chat and
> > called.  No one there is able to add space to our server and now I
> > am going to have to relocate our 100GB of data in a panic.  It's a
> > shame because otherwise the service has worked well, I just don't
> > understand how something that should be so routine and
> > straightforward is impossible for them to do.
> >
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