Greg Helledy on 16 Mar 2017 17:31:16 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] Avoid Arvixe at all costs!

*WordPress, plus ability to install the various addons

	- Be aware that Wordpress is a habitual security problem.
	It would probably be good to consider a CMS that isn't,
	or a static site generator that removes the problem entirely.

The site is already designed and paid for. I wasn't consulted on that. I'm just required to make it available to the world.

*MySQL (support WordPress)

	- I believe that MariaDB has supplanted MySQL in CentOS.  Not
	a big change though, I think it presents the same API.

OK.  The website needs to run.

- Dovecot is fine as a POP/IMAP server.  What do you plan
	to use for an MTA?   And what do you plan to use as the
	account backend for Dovecot?

Whatever they make available and support.

	- I've come around to the viewpoint that webmail is a profoundly
	horrible idea and should be deprecated: if you're serious about
	email, use a real email client or go home.  But if you need
	roundcube/horde for the clueless ignorant newbies who are too
	stupid and too lazy to learn, fine.

I'm required to provide this. No one uses webmail for anything serious except in a pinch, but sometimes you're in a pinch.

*Ability to do granular backup/restores (individual directories/files),
at more than just overnight interval (this can be an extra-cost option).

	- Why do you want to do this?  What is it that you anticipate
	breaking so badly that you need to do this more than once a day?

Maybe I should have written "other than just overnight interval"--I need copies from last night, the night before, and last week.

So that when the user tells me they accidentally deleted the folder containing all their current project emails, I can restore it. Even if they don't tell me for a few days.

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