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Re: [PLUG] Systemd Startup Sequence Question

Hello, Casey.

I highly recommend moving NFS mounts to /etc/fstab with the rest of the filesystems.  Add the _netdev option to have them wait for network.  Arch has amazing documentation.

And don't be put off by systemd.  Unit files make for straight-forward service creation.


On Mon 05/08/17 08:32AM EDT, Casey Bralla wrote:
> I've decided I am not a fan of systemd.   I was very familiar with Debian's 
> sysvinit and Gentoo's OpenRC systems, and could easily add/delete services 
> with high reliability.   One thing I loved in both systems was the easy way of 
> adding misc programs to be run at the end of the boot sequence (/etc/rc.local 
> for Debian and /etc/local.d in Gentoo).
> I have always used these to mount my NFS share drives at the end of boot-up.
> Now that I'm running Arch with systemd, things are not so simple.   AFAIK, 
> Arch has no simple built-in system to run a misc program at boot time.  
> However, I loaded an rc.local program from the Arch User Repository (AUR), 
> which is supposed to be functionally equivalent to the Debian system I'm 
> familar with.
> Except, mounting NFS shares does not work.  I get a "network name not 
> recognized" error at start-up.   Once I log in, however, I can manually run 
> the rc.local batch file and the shares mount without any trouble.
> I presume rc-local is running before the entire entworking system is 
> operational.   Is there a way I can delay the rc.local batch file until truly 
> all other systemd processes have started?
> Anybody got any ideas?
> TIA!
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> Casey Bralla
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