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Re: [PLUG] plug Digest, Vol 150, Issue 9

Happily, mct now has the website automatically deploying from GitHub, so
no more subversion. Pull request to get the videos added in would be


On Tue, 09 May 2017, Charlie Li wrote:

> On 09/05/2017 19:31, brent saner wrote:
> > who maintains <> these days? if I
> > write a python script that scrapes and parses the list archives via cron
> > and spits out an html list to the google groups links, would we be able
> > to do that? it strikes me odd that we don't have a centralized reference
> > for them as well (and I'm in agreement that the google+ indexing/search
> > is... fairly atrocious. ironic, that)
> > 
> Those of us who were physically present at Paul's "Generative Testing"
> talk at West got to sorta witness the convoluted (or so I think) website
> deployment process. ;-)
> As for making it easy to find videos of the talks, I'd briefly mentioned
> to Keith once about making a PLUG youtube channel. Turns out you no
> longer need a proper G+ *page* to create a youtube channel (our current
> G+ presence is actually what they call a *community*) so we don't have
> to worry about what we have now. When I did that livestream of
> AndyWojo's AIX talk, I did it off my personal channel, so it would
> definitely be better if they all originated from a consistent and
> sensibly-named source that people can subscribe to. Furthermore, youtube
> livestreaming automatically saves the finished stream as a regular video
> so we can all relive all the trolling until me or Keith upload something
> from a camera lens without fisheye.
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