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Re: [PLUG] plug Digest, Vol 150, Issue 9

On 09/05/2017 19:31, brent saner wrote:
> who maintains <> these days? if I
> write a python script that scrapes and parses the list archives via cron
> and spits out an html list to the google groups links, would we be able
> to do that? it strikes me odd that we don't have a centralized reference
> for them as well (and I'm in agreement that the google+ indexing/search
> is... fairly atrocious. ironic, that)
Those of us who were physically present at Paul's "Generative Testing"
talk at West got to sorta witness the convoluted (or so I think) website
deployment process. ;-)

As for making it easy to find videos of the talks, I'd briefly mentioned
to Keith once about making a PLUG youtube channel. Turns out you no
longer need a proper G+ *page* to create a youtube channel (our current
G+ presence is actually what they call a *community*) so we don't have
to worry about what we have now. When I did that livestream of
AndyWojo's AIX talk, I did it off my personal channel, so it would
definitely be better if they all originated from a consistent and
sensibly-named source that people can subscribe to. Furthermore, youtube
livestreaming automatically saves the finished stream as a regular video
so we can all relive all the trolling until me or Keith upload something
from a camera lens without fisheye.

Charlie Li
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