Casey Bralla on 20 May 2017 11:22:46 -0700

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[PLUG] Need Hosting Recommendation

I know this has been discussed before, but I wanted to get an updated hosting 

I've been running my own DNS, eMail, & Web servers on my home server with a 
comcast commercial account.  For reasons too complicated to discuss here, I've 
decided I need to shut down my own server and move all the virtual machines 
onto a hosted platform.

I've been running about a dozen virtual machines on a relatively low-power 
atom multicore server, which runs Debian.  My traffic volume is very low, and my 
bandwidth requirements are very modest.    Cost of the service is very 
important, but my technical support needs are minimal.   I need a "stable" IP 
address, althugh it does  not have to be "static" (ie:  if it changes twice 
per year, I can live with that.)

So, in summary, my needs are:

- Low cost hosting
- Single "stable" IP address
- Ability to run Debian, and about a dozen debian virtual machines on the same 
- total storage of about 250 GBytes
- Minimal tech support
- Ability to handle incoming and outgoing eMail from my mail server (I 
currently relay my outgoing through comcast.)

Anybody want to suggest a good hosting company?



Casey Bralla
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