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Re: [PLUG] Video Editing Software

On 05/06/2017 16:33, Gavin W. Burris wrote:
> It's great to see Blender recommended!  I have a background in computer animation, did all my senior animations in Blender.  The interface is better these days, but I like to think of Blender as the Vim of computer animation.
> These days, I can't see it getting any easier for video editing than the latest iMovie on Mac, especial if you are asking for a relative.  I am biased towards Linux, but would still recommend getting a Mac for iMovie.  Even a used Mac from the last four years, if you're on a budget, is going to be a frustration-eliminating experience.  Simple things, like being able to import the video (without re-encoding) directly off the camera to a thumbnailed event timeline makes a huge difference in usability.  
I was actually recommending Lightworks, which not only has a Linux
version for a while now, but feels similar to iMovie/Final Cut Pro.
Blender's not exactly for the faint of heart.

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