Steve Litt on 8 Jul 2017 16:56:28 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] Multimedia blues

On Sat, 8 Jul 2017 15:42:38 -0400
Floyd Johnson <> wrote:

> Have you any idea why even under Ubuntu Mate 16.04, FLV-compatible
> video playing under Chrome or Firefox can occasionally cause the
> whole OS to freeze, with the last part of a second of audio
> repeating, forcing the user to do a hard reboot ?

On many distros, Chromium is a pig. Chrome could be a pig with little
surprises inside. On many distros, Firefox is a pig grown to elephant

My experience is that there are many, many browsers capable of playing
sound and video. My experience is that every time I switch distros,
indeed sometimes upon a given distro's software update, I need to
switch browsers.

If you don't have the infamous webkit "intermittently vanishes without
a message" problem, midori, xombraro, surf, vimb, and several others
come to mind. Otherwise, there are the less obese xul browsers like
qupzilla, palemoon, and dwb.

I'm aware my response is unresponsive to your question and leaves the
root cause unsolved, but I've found I have an easier life in Linuxland
by looking at all browser choices and seeing what works for the moment.

Steve Litt 
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