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Re: [PLUG] Booting, UEFI, BIOS

On 07/09/2017 09:48 PM, Keith C. Perry wrote:
> Now Brent has me all subconscious about top posting don't blame me, blame Zimbra!
> I wanted to point out that I think Charlie has a good point too.  While it is true legacy boot is exactly 
> that and UEFI is the new standard, there are also few reasons to have very large system or boot volumes.  The evolution of this push for UEFI I would assume, as a practical matter, comes from the desktop user world where people may only have a single disk (hopefully partitioned).  This is changing too since small SSDs are getting to be pretty cheap but most regular folks don't care to optimize their systems.
> In the server world, you're typically going to have system drives that are not even 1Tb so legacy boot is just fine.  The biggest exception in the server space is large distributed / parallel file systems where each OSD (object storage device) or "brick" could be fairly large.
> I'm not saying UEFI should not be learned and adopted going forward but I think context and perspective matter.

i'd say the desktop and laptop market has been more embracing of UEFI in
general, but going back to even the dell r230 (and possibly earlier,
this is just from a quick google search) and the ProLiant gen9's have
UEFI. i can see more server offerings moving to it as well, as it would
e.g. negate the need for a separate RAID configuration utility that
needs to be bootstrapped in, it can just be written as an EFI
application. i do agree that i think there's some time here, though,
before we see widespread proliferation of UEFI in the racks, though.
servers tend to rotate out of consumer hands less frequently than
laptops do (but home consumer desktops, i'm guessing, outlast server

regardless, yeah, i think we all agree that UEFI experience/knowledge is
a good tool to have in your toolbox.

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