Greg Helledy on 19 Sep 2017 12:36:45 -0700

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[PLUG] best router distros for x86?

My Linksys router running Tomato has begun to show its age, and can't keep up with the higher speeds I can now get through FIOS. So, I've obtained one of those PCs that come in a router-sized case, as we discussed on this list some months back. It has a quad-core Celeron, 4 gigabit LANs, 4 GB RAM and a 60 GB SSD, which should be enough for any OS in that type of role.

While any distro can be a router and firewall, there are ones specially made for the purpose. I'm familiar with ClearOS, and I've heard of pfSense, and Sophos and Nethserver and I know there are many others. I don't know that I need a whole lot more than a router and firewall function, but maybe a VPN would be good, and maybe there are other features out there I'm not aware of. Whatever I choose I'll probably be dealing with for years so I'd like to make a good choice. What would you install?
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