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Re: [PLUG] best router distros for x86?

On 09/19/2017 03:36 PM, Greg Helledy wrote:
> My Linksys router running Tomato has begun to show its age, and can't
> keep up with the higher speeds I can now get through FIOS.
> So, I've obtained one of those PCs that come in a router-sized case, as
> we discussed on this list some months back.  It has a quad-core Celeron,
> 4 gigabit LANs, 4 GB RAM and a 60 GB SSD, which should be enough for any
> OS in that type of role.
> While any distro can be a router and firewall, there are ones specially
> made for the purpose.  I'm familiar with ClearOS, and I've heard of
> pfSense, and Sophos and Nethserver and I know there are many others.  I
> don't know that I need a whole lot more than a router and firewall
> function, but maybe a VPN would be good, and maybe there are other
> features out there I'm not aware of.  Whatever I choose I'll probably be
> dealing with for years so I'd like to make a good choice.  What would
> you install?

rather than tell you what *i* use, i'ma ask some questions here to find
out what's best for *you*.

do you plan on implementing separate networks?

do you like to dig deep into the internals and making them perform
*exactly* how you like even if it takes a lot of time, or are you more
interested in getting a configuration set up that "mostly works" like
you want it to as long as it's a quick setup?

(similarly, do you prefer to grok what you set up or do you prefer
turnkey applications?)

do you need/want a graphical (web) interface? if not, do you prefer
something more "*nix-y" (managing services directly) or more
"appliance-y" (abstraction layer/CLI specifically designed for the role
is present)?

do you want to pay money for it?

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