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Re: [PLUG] OT: iTerm2 Leaks Everything You Hover in Your Terminal via DNS Requests

On 09/21/2017 12:02 AM, brent timothy saner wrote:
> On 09/20/2017 11:50 PM, Philip Rushik wrote:
> (SNIP)
> input and output in the terminal

additionally, this is false.

input wouldn't be parsed at all. the stuff you see when you type in a
terminal emulator (STDIN) is via an echo back to STDOUT. this is handled
(rendered) by the terminal emulator (or the kernel's TTY driver if
you're on an actual TTY).

all the terminal emulator has to do is parse only non-echo STDOUT/STDERR
output on whitespace or linebreaking encapsulated string and if it
matches a URI pattern, render it as a link per the display toolkit.

i know it works because my terminal emulator does it, and it works well,
and i know it's not parsing my input, only output. (and it doesn't need
to do any sort of resolution or other remote call to do it.)

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