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Re: [PLUG] Open Source Whole House Audio Streaming Alternatives to Sonos, Chromecast

On 09/27/2017 09:38 AM, Will wrote:
> Shoutcast is the closest I found to work. It was a plugin for winamp and
> I think its still available. Regardless there are internet radio FOSS
> solutions. I've covered and entire college campus with my music that way. 
> The other option is to transmit via FM or 900MHz band. It works so well
> and the quality is quite good for the 900MHz transmitters. The more
> analog approach will guarentee there will not be any lag issues either. 
> -Will

shoutcast[0] is actually just a proprietary implementation of icecast[1]
- or rather, the icecast protocol[2]. you can even stream (or listen) to
icecast with vlc[3].


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