Steve Litt on 23 Oct 2017 07:54:14 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] Securely destroy and responsibly recycling hardware

On Sun, 22 Oct 2017 15:36:49 -0400
Rich Freeman <> wrote:

> A better approach still is to run software full disk encryption.  Then
> you can just toss them in the trash without worrying about the
> security of any underlying layers, unless you think the NSA snuck a
> rootkit into your hard drive firmware (which apparently is a thing).

That's a good idea: I hadn't thought of that. I've tried wipe programs,
but they take way too long.

I wouldn't let a disk out of the house without smashing it and its
circuitboard to bits (1/4" bits, hopefully), but by encrypting I could
be surer that nobody will be able to read it.


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