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Re: [PLUG] Challenges with "The Unix Way"

On Thu, 26 Oct 2017 14:37:01 -0400
Rich Freeman <> wrote:
> I thought that this article was a really interest contrast with "The
> Unix Way" and some of the ways it is mis-applied:
> (The point isn't that the Unix Way is necessarily a bad thing, but
> just that not every problem is best solved with a maze of nested pipes
> and some shell scripting to glue it together.  And by Unix Way I'm
> referring specifically to pipes and such and not to the more general
> principle of doing one thing well.)
bleh. ymmv but, one can also build in error reporting when using ssh, etc. 

good design applies to everything in life. 

some systems that i have built as described in the linked post have an
engine running in the back (sometimes even an engine behind the engine
of the engine) and the 'public' stuff are all semi 'fragile' (but so very easy 
to replicate / restore - as there exists redundancy,error reporting and 
proper documentation :) )

when i started dev on ai/machine learning in 2008, my first algo was a
simple loop which created executable code loops, i note that the same
simplicity is what the trend of the past few years has become - my
point with that is that sometimes something very simple is exactly
that, simple. it is the further design (or lack) that causes debugging
stress :)



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