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Re: [PLUG] Challenges with "The Unix Way"

On 10/27/2017 01:15 AM, ac wrote:
> On Thu, 26 Oct 2017 14:37:01 -0400
> Rich Freeman <> wrote:
>> I thought that this article was a really interest contrast with "The
>> Unix Way" and some of the ways it is mis-applied:
>> (The point isn't that the Unix Way is necessarily a bad thing, but
>> just that not every problem is best solved with a maze of nested pipes
>> and some shell scripting to glue it together.  And by Unix Way I'm
>> referring specifically to pipes and such and not to the more general
>> principle of doing one thing well.)
> bleh. ymmv but, one can also build in error reporting when using ssh, etc. 
> good design applies to everything in life. 
> some systems that i have built as described in the linked post have an
> engine running in the back (sometimes even an engine behind the engine
> of the engine) and the 'public' stuff are all semi 'fragile' (but so very easy 
> to replicate / restore - as there exists redundancy,error reporting and 
> proper documentation :) )
> when i started dev on ai/machine learning in 2008, my first algo was a
> simple loop which created executable code loops, i note that the same
> simplicity is what the trend of the past few years has become - my
> point with that is that sometimes something very simple is exactly
> that, simple. it is the further design (or lack) that causes debugging
> stress :)
> 2c

if it makes y'all feel better, the "UNIX Way" is a myth:

at least on the following points:
-it is not always (or, perhaps, even often) the "best" way (fastest/most
efficient, easiest to parse, etc.), especially in modern context
-UNIX itself frequently strayed from the so-called "UNIX Way"

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