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[PLUG] [plug-announce] Wed, Nov 1, 2017: PLUG Central - "NTPsec 1.0" by Eric S. Raymond (7pm at USP)

------------------ PLEASE NOTE ------------------
If the doors to Griffith Hall are locked, USP
security will let you into the building if you
call them. Please see below in this message for
full instructions.

PLUG Central will be meeting on Wednesday, November 1 at USP in 
Philadelphia, beginning at 7pm. Directions to the meeting location 
at the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia can be found at 
the end of this email. 

This month, PLUG Central will be hosting a talk by Eric S.
Raymond about NTPsec, a security-oriented implementation of the
Network Time Protocol by the NTPsec project. Eric is the author
of the widely cited 1997 essay and 1999 book The Cathedral and
the Bazaar and other works, and open-source software advocate.
He describes his talk as follows:

  Internet time service requires Byzantine algorithms and was
  long surrounded by code of legendary gnarliness and obscurity.
  That code turned into a maintainance nightmare and eventually a
  security problem.  Two and a half years ago, Eric Raymond and a
  crack team of software archeologists went in to unsnarl the
  mess. In early October they shipped NTPsec 1.0.

  This talk is Eric's field report. It's about the special
  challenges of time service, and the odd discoveries to be found
  in large, ancient codebases. It's about what's like to remove
  176KLOC from a 231KLOC codebase - 76%! - and still have it
  actually work afterwards. It's about how Brooksian surgical
  teams still rock, and better living through Pythonization.
  Anyone with an interest in how serious software engineering is
  done by masters of the craft can expect to be both educated and

Hope to see you there!

  University of the Sciences in Philadelphia (USP) 
  Griffith Hall (Room "C" or "A", look for the signs) 
  600 South 43rd Street 
  Philadelphia, PA 19104-4495 

USP is located in University City. Driving directions are 
available at, or, both of which have an aerial 
view of the campus buildings. USP is also easily accessible by 
public transportation. 

For those attending PLUG Central, if you arrive and the doors are
locked you can call UCS's public safety number at 215.895.1117
and they will radio personnel in the guard booth or someone else
to unlock the door.  If you are asked who is sponsoring the
meeting you can say "Zhiwei Liu" in the Chemistry department.

There will be an open Question & Answer session at 7PM, prior to 
the main presentation at 8PM. This is an open meeting; all are 
welcome and encouraged to attend. 

Usually, a number of members get together after the meeting at a 
nearby restaurant for food and perhaps a beer or two. Come join 
the camaraderie! 
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