JP Vossen on 16 Nov 2017 11:59:21 -0800

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Re: [PLUG] Revision Control for the Rest of Us

On 11/16/2017 02:50 PM, Rich Kulawiec wrote:
On Thu, Nov 16, 2017 at 01:50:56PM -0500, JP Vossen wrote:
But ESR not only agrees with you, he wrote SRC as a Python wrapper around

That is way cool, and I very much appreciate that you pointed it
out. Have bookmarked and will read all of those when fresh coffee is
Happy to help.  It's quite neat, just not quite what I need.

Oh, and you're right that hg/bzr have more features and are probably
better choices for the same kind of use cases.  I use RCS mostly out of
old habit: I was working at Purdue when Walter Tichy wrote it, and it
had the singular virtue of not being SCCS. ;)

I never used SCCS, I started with RCS, and "centralized" it by having the RCS (or whatever) dir be a symlink someplace else. CVS was "better" in some ways, but it really sucked (in retrospect) in a lot of other ways. SVN isn't bad, but it's really, REALLY odd. I appreciate $Keyword$ expansion and the ability to check out only part of the repo though. The 3rd gen DVCS are all pretty similar, the devil is in the details.

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