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Re: [PLUG] How to get rid of 'Safe Mode' in Firefox?

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Subject: Re: [PLUG] How to get rid of 'Safe Mode' in Firefox?

[ | ] has an article on "Firefox is stuck in safe mode" - [ | ] - but the fix appears to be "close firefox all the way, in fact, just reboot." - and I can't imagine you haven't tried that already. 
       I have always turned off Firefox.  Not necessarily the computer.  If Firefox is closed, using
       the button in the lower right that turns red<g> surely there is no need to shut down the

       I have to report that Casey's suggestion did not work, although from the Preferences button
       there is a security button.  I remark that there seem to be two 'safe's at work.  There
       is "Safe Search" which is off on my Firefox, and "Safe Mode", which is the one I'm
       concerned about and would like to get rid of.

So help with this issue is still requested!


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