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[PLUG] Connecting Red Hat User group with PLUG...

Chuck (and PLUG folks, see below),

Nice to meet you at the Red Hat meetup tonight!

You should connect with the Philly Linux User Group (PLUG).  As I
said, they have 3 sub-groups that all share a common mailing list,
but each hold a separate meeting each month:
- PLUG West: Malvern
- PLUG North: Plymouth Meeting or Fort Washington area
- PLUG Central: Downtown Philly, University city area

Some attendees go to all 3 meetings each month.  Most go to only
the closest one.  The same speakers tend to make the rounds and
eventually speak at all 3 locations.


@PLUG folks, you may want to join the Red Hat meetup.  I went to
a meeting tonight at McKenzie's on Rte 30 in Frazer.  Had some
interesting Lightning talks:
    - I Didn't Know You Could Do That With The Bash Shell!
    - Automate Your Security With Ansible
    - Red Hat Automation And Patch Management For Fun And Profit
    - Just What IS Kubernetes?

Plus Red Hat footed the bill for all 30 of so of us to order beers,
appetizers, etc, while the talks were ongoing.  And some of us
stuck around for another couple hours afterwards, for an in-place
"after party".  Nice!  And we all left with swag: Red Hat baseball


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