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Re: [PLUG] PLUG Fusion room or DMR Talkgroup

That's what I was looking into the last couple of days.  XLXd will do dmr and d-star out of the box (no automatic dmr -> d-star transcoding though).  For YSF and FCS you need the AMBE transcoder (I have one but its in my dvmega cast so I can work from my mobile phone).  You don't need the repeater to do it so that should make linking to Fusion repeaters easier.

Since pistar, openspot and others can do DMR2YSF I think its less of an issue but my impression and experience those far is that DMR and YSF/FCS have the most bang for the buck.  Not knocking d-star but I've personally only had one conversation there and I haven't heard that many local hams talk about it.

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> I didn't see anything listed on Brandmeister or YSF so figured I would ask.

I'd be happy to join in on that as long as it is either Brandmeister,
or non-Wiresx YSF.  Ideally they would be bridged, but I'm not sure if
there are good docs on setting that up.

I wouldn't worry about repeaters until we actually have an active TG.
Getting it bridged to a repeater probably won't be hard if the
repeater operator agrees.  There are plenty of BM repeaters already so
anybody can just key up a dynamic TG, and bridging YSF to a repeater
should be easy if somebody can dedicate a suitable radio, but that
definitely would require an OK from the owner as this generally isn't
remotely controllable.

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