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Re: [PLUG] PLUG Fusion room or DMR Talkgroup

On Wed, May 15, 2019 at 1:18 PM Keith C. Perry
<> wrote:
> That's what I was looking into the last couple of days.  XLXd will do dmr and d-star out of the box (no automatic dmr -> d-star transcoding though).  For YSF and FCS you need the AMBE transcoder (I have one but its in my dvmega cast so I can work from my mobile phone).  You don't need the repeater to do it so that should make linking to Fusion repeaters easier.

Correct.  The usual way of bridging anything to a repeater is to just
point a radio/hotspot at the repeater.  The repeater just sees the
mode it is expecting and doesn't know anything about transcoding.

Now, with Brandmeister the repeater already knows about dynamic TGs so
they work the same as a hotspot.  With YSF I think there is a more
direct way of linking in Wires-X, but of course the transcoding
solutions usually don't work with WiresX unless you bridge them over
RF I think.

Disclaimer: I'm hardly an expert at this stuff.

I'm sure you can do transcoding without an AMBE transcoder, but docs
on this are going to be like trying to figure out how to crack DVDCSS
in the early 2000s.

Also, I think that between YSF/DMR you don't need transcoding, just a
container change of sorts.  It is D-Star that needs transcoding from
the other modes.  At least, that is what I seem to recall.

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