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Re: [PLUG] PLUG Fusion room or DMR Talkgroup

On Fri, May 17, 2019 at 3:31 PM Keith C. Perry
<> wrote:
> "I think I read somewhere that they prefer that people not register IDs
> for hotspots unless they really need them, just to keep the database
> as small as possible.  You only need another ID if you'll be
> transmitting on more than one ID at the same time."
> See, Glen's comments here on how this is being handled now...
> "Also, keep in mind that I'm talking about YSF2DMR, not just direct
> Fusion.  My hotspot supports either, and they will of course work a
> little differently."
> Sorry, I meant DMR2YSF.  Apparently there are too ways to handle this,
> how you seen ?

If it is a video, the answer is almost certainly not.  Honestly, I
really prefer stuff I can google or skim, and not 40min videos for
stuff like this.  :)

But, I'll take your word that there are ways to handle it.  If I ever
spend much time listening I might watch the videos.  :)

> "The radio is set to promiscuous mode, and pi-star can monitor as many
> TGs as you want.  Obviously only one at a time can actually transmit,
> and while the hotspot is transmitting it is deaf to anything you try
> to do with the radio, since this is all simplex on a single timeslot."
> I'm not seeing how you tell PiStar to do that.  I've seen in my dashboard if I change tg's quickly that it might see I've been on a couple of dynamic groups but I don't see how you can monitor say, 91, 3142 and 31360 simultaneously.

Promiscuous mode (sometimes called monitor mode) is a radio setting,
not a hotspot setting.  If your radio isn't set to monitor multiple
TGs then it doesn't matter what you do on the hotspot, because even if
the hotspot transmits the audio your radio will squelch it.  In any
case, you can dynamically listen to multiple TGs easily enough, and in
your brandmeister hotspot config you can also set up multiple static

> "One thing I will say is that the audio quality on my radio seems
> pretty lousy much of the time.  I suspect that Bransmeister might be
> responsible for a lot of that, but I also suspect that the radio
> doesn't handle missing packets/etc gracefully as you get a lot of
> stuttering/etc and there is no reason it has to keep looping buffers
> if it is missing data.  I'm sure a better radio than my MD-380
> wouldn't hurt, but I don't use it often enough to consider investing
> in more..."
> Really...  That's kind of surprising.  Fusion and DStar sound the best to my ear but I've head a lot of people on MD-380's and when there is no loss or ber's they're fine too.  Are you seeing any issues when you send/receive?

No issues sending as far as I'm aware (at least none that I've heard
anybody else complain about), just receiving, and I don't spend a lot
of time listening because honestly most of the time it is hard to
understand much unless I'm listening very actively, and I've seen the
hotspot key up sometimes with the radio just staying squelched.  Could
be an md380tools issue, or maybe an issue with the radio.

I won't say that there is no loss.  Sometimes the loss levels can
actually be pretty high, which is probably part of the problem.

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