Keith C. Perry on 20 May 2019 09:41:51 -0700

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[PLUG] PLUG YSF and DMR talkgroup now available


I figured I would start a new thread to announce this.  The new Fusion and DMR radio groups are online now.  Please update your hotspots if you haven't in the last 24 hours.  You groups are:

Fusion: YSF37358
DMR   : 3141922  (Brandmeister)

You should see the Fusion talkgroup but the DMR talkgroup is NOT registered per guidance from Brandmeister (more on this below).  Also, if you use your hotspot in DMRGateway mode (pi-star), you can turn on DMR2YSF and use talkgroup 7037358 if you don't want to use Fusion (and have to go back to your dashboard to change rooms).  You can see if you are hitting the group by pulling up the console here:

If you are coming from the DMR side, you will only see your DMR ID.  If you're coming from YSF you'll see your call sign.

I'm planning on being at PLUG West tonight so if anyone has any questions we can talk.

In regards to the DMR talk group on Brandmeister.  Named groups are only assigned if BM deems you have enough traffic.  Per policy ( I'm using my secondary DMR ID for us (I don't have any plans for it currently).  If there is "enough" traffic in 60 days we can apply to have a named publically listed talkgroup.  Personally, I'm not sweating this because 1) the YSF room is registered and 2) DMR2YSF works which means 7037358 is indirectly registered if you're using a hotspot (that id is for pi-star, the 70 is pre-pended and I would think Openspots et al have a functional equivalent).  That said, I would bet there are more DMR radios in the field and if you are talking directly through a repeater you'd want to use an actual talkgroup.  Those of you with WiresX capable rigs... I don't know if there is a way to access YSF rooms via Fusion repeaters but that would be cool if it is possible.  Let me know.

Point is, there is no rush or need for a publically listed DMR talkgroup.  Let's just play radio :)


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