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Re: [PLUG] PLUG YSF and DMR talkgroup now available


On 5/20/19, Keith C. Perry <kperry@daotechnologies.com> wrote:
> Everyone,
> I figured I would start a new thread to announce this. The new Fusion and
> DMR radio groups are online now. Please update your hotspots if you haven't
> in the last 24 hours. You groups are:
> Fusion: YSF37358
> DMR : 3141922 (Brandmeister)
> You should see the Fusion talkgroup but the DMR talkgroup is NOT registered
> per guidance from Brandmeister (more on this below). Also, if you use your
> hotspot in DMRGateway mode (pi-star), you can turn on DMR2YSF and use
> talkgroup 7037358 if you don't want to use Fusion (and have to go back to
> your dashboard to change rooms). You can see if you are hitting the group by
> pulling up the console here:
> http://ham.daotechnologies.com/ysf-dashboard/
> If you are coming from the DMR side, you will only see your DMR ID. If
> you're coming from YSF you'll see your call sign.
> I'm planning on being at PLUG West tonight so if anyone has any questions we
> can talk.
> In regards to the DMR talk group on Brandmeister. Named groups are only
> assigned if BM deems you have enough traffic. Per policy (
> https://confluence.brandmeister.network/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=5374041
> ) I'm using my secondary DMR ID for us (I don't have any plans for it
> currently). If there is "enough" traffic in 60 days we can apply to have a
> named publically listed talkgroup. Personally, I'm not sweating this because
> 1) the YSF room is registered and 2) DMR2YSF works which means 7037358 is
> indirectly registered if you're using a hotspot (that id is for pi-star, the
> 70 is pre-pended and I would think Openspots et al have a functional
> equivalent). That said, I would bet there are more DMR radios in the field
> and if you are talking directly through a repeater you'd want to use an
> actual talkgroup. Those of you with WiresX capable rigs... I don't know if
> there is a way to access YSF rooms via Fusion repeaters but that would be
> cool if it is possible. Let me know.
> Point is, there is no rush or need for a publically listed DMR talkgroup.
> Let's just play radio :)
> 73
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