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Re: [PLUG] PLUG YSF and DMR talkgroup now available


That is wierd...  If you want to test let me know.  Don't forget you can also see your activity via the BM hose.  For instance for the PLUG tg

Also, last night when Chris and I were testing the PLUG groups, he still had and offset on the frequency  he was using (i.e. not a simplex transmission).  He could hear me but I couldn't hear him and of course none of the pi-star consoles or my the reflector reported seeing a transmission.  Big problems are easy...

I did have a problem overdriving the connection though.  Common issue with going from DMR to YSF once I backed the mic gain off in the BlueDV AMBE app it was good.  We did have a QSO on the way home.  Crystal clear from my point of view- like I could him clear over his wind and road noise as if I was sitting in the car with him.  Operating the android app mobile is a bit difficult since it hard to main mic discipline.  Still, its very cool that all this works together.

It will be nice once we get [affordable] radios that can do all the modes.  We're long past due for mobile SDR rigs.  Rfinder is probably going to get my money in 2020 or 2021.

Also, you're right about the cross functions.  When I turned them on or off, I reboot just to make sure the updated configs are read.

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> I figured I would start a new thread to announce this.  The new Fusion and DMR radio groups are online now.  Please update your hotspots if you haven't in the last 24 hours.  You groups are:
> Fusion: YSF37358
> DMR   : 3141922  (Brandmeister)

It looks like I'm able to get into the YSF reflector.  For whatever
reason I'm not getting into Brandmeister at all with audio after
enabling it on my hotspot, but that could be some kind of network
issue.  I'll see if I'm getting into the DMR TG once I'm able to
connect to Brandmeister at all.

It is weird though - the hotspot says it is connected to Brandmeister,
and correctly shows the list of static TGs, and if I edit the list on
BM the HS updates it, so clearly they're communicating.  It shows RF
traffic on last heard as well from my radio, but nothing comes back
from BM, including parrot, 4000, whatever.  BM last heard shows no
activity for my call.  Hmm.  When I enabled YSF2DMR it had to reboot
and I wonder if that exposed an issue, maybe with an update or

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