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Re: [PLUG] MythTV can't tune ABC via LEAF

On Mon, 3 Jun 2019 01:21:47 +0000 (UTC)
Tom Hornberger <> wrote:

>  Channel 6 stayed on its VHF frequency
> that it used when it was analog, most stations moved to UHF
> frequencies.  

Are you sure it stayed on "its" VHF frequency rather than switching to
a higher VHF? There's a big gap between the original channel 6
frequency (88mhz at the very bottom of the FM dial) and channel 7 at

It's been my impression that most modern VHF/UHF antennas are really
*high*VHF/UHF, leaving channels 2-6 unreceived.

> That's one of the reasons why 6 is harder to pick up
> OTA.

I think the right antenna for the frequency would help immensely. We
have one UHF antenna that combines with real, 1960 style rabbit ears,
and we get Orlando channel 2,  which broadcasts now on VHF 11. But our
other antenna, which looks sort of like a Leaf, is blind and deaf to
channel 2.

Judging from my TV DXing days, I don't think VHF is inherently less
capable. From a 3rd floor apartment in 1974, one extremely crazy day I
hauled in every single channel on the VHF dial: Several channels with
multiple stations, including one channel from Nebraska (yeah, that's my
story and I'm sticking to it).

Best VHF DXing I ever got was from one of those tvs consisting of a
vertical shaft holding two 15" long, 4" diameter coils, one on each
side. If you ever get one of those, I bet your VHF station will come in
just fine, assuming you turn your antenna in the right direction.


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