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Re: [PLUG] MythTV can't tune ABC via LEAF

On 6/1/19 5:52 PM, JP Vossen wrote:
I've always had a problem tuning in ABC via my LEAF antenna for MythTV, but it mostly worked.  In the last 2-3 weeks it seems like it's not working at all anymore, at least via the HD HomeRun 2 tuner I have.

Is anyone else having problems or does anyone know if something changed recently?  Is anyone else still fiddling with broadcast at all, or is everyone doing some kind of streaming?  We have Netflix and Amazon Prime, but that only goes so far.

Thanks to all who replied!

Ironically, my HDHR3-2US died 2019-06-02 03:51, according to my Icinga. The wall wart seems OK, but no blinking lights. I disassembled it and I see no obvious fuses or burned out components. I did not subject it to percussive maintenance, but I did jostle it and hard power cycle it a few times, and it had survived a number of nearby lightning strikes.

A new HDHR5-2US should be delivered tomorrow. I don't know if solid-state digital tuners can degrade, so it will be interesting to see if the new tuner helps at all.

Tom & TL, thanks for reminding me about the VHF thing. I knew that in general, but the specific details had escaped me.

FWIW we've had FiOS internet-only since about 2006, and we dumped Comcrap when they started encrypting PBS, which they were not even allowed to do, at least at the time. I don't recall exactly when that was but think there's discussion in this list about it. We've been cord-cutters ever since, with just broadcast MythTV and Netflix DVD, then later NF streaming and Amazon prime as above, on Roku devices. I pay $20 per YEAR for the electronic program guide for Myth broadcast and have no desire to to at least double that *per month* (yes, I'm cheap).

Side note, I use Rokus because they don't have microphones, and if one manages to get ransomware on it I can toss it and get another, unlike so-called "smart" TVs, which I think are a horrible idea and which do *not* get connected to any network in my house.

I'd looked at but the $40/mo and (evil) Disney are not good.

I wasn't aware of Youtube TV, but paying $50/mo for that and still having to watch adds does not sound appealing either. Aside from cost, by far the greatest appeal for Myth for us is commercial skipping. One of the other appeals is that no one else can touch the recordings, like I just saw a 9 month DVR limit in the FAQs on The time limit doesn't matter much anymore, but when the kids were younger it might, and we do have holiday specials recorded from 8-10 years ago. :-)

OK, enough ranting out of me. Thanks again to everyone who thought about it and replied. I'll update this in a day or two once I see how the new tuner works out.

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