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Re: [PLUG] backup help needed

On 7/24/19 12:11 PM, Fred Stluka via plug wrote:
> Alan,
> +1 for rsync.  It's a faster, more powerful, more secure version of
> cp, and it should already be installed on any Linux box.  See my
> series of tips at:
> -
> I describe the basics of cp, touch briefly on rcp and scp, then
> talk about rsync, covering how to copy files, copy entire directory
> trees, copy to a different host computer.  Also, how to do VERY
> fast full and incremental backups.
> Enjoy!
> --Fred

rsync is not installed by default on centos, and probably others.

wasn't sure if your "should already be installed" was meant to mean "is
installed as part of the base install" or "is a virtual requirement for
every linux computer". latter i'd agree with, former is patently false.

security isn't a concern as it's to a local mount, though.

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