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Re: [PLUG] Ubiquiti data slurping

On 1/29/20 11:49, Keith C. Perry via plug wrote:
> JP,
> The updates come via the console not directly to the devices and I don't allow update to process automatically so that's an easy situation to control.
> There was supposed to be a 100% opt out but it looks like Ubiquiti reversed that which is why the pitchforks are rightfully out. To be clear, I don't like this and it is a huge mistake on their part (they may yet have privacy challenges across the pond as a result) but this is one of those things that I'm not going to allow myself to lose sleep over...
> ...that's what my Windows 10 users are for :D

Yeah, while disheartening, it's at least easy to identify and filter out
and oughtn't break anything. Unsure if it affects people who use the
UBNT SSO servers or not (I don't on mine; all my authorization is done
on-site for devices).

At first I thought this might violate CCPA but (and IANAL) it doesn't
seem to. I don't think it even violates GDPR compliance since it's
"anonymized" (but who can say for certain beyond UBNT's own word?).

I'd be curious to see how this plays out.

I'm laughing at anyone who chooses to go Cisco over UBNT still, though.
They've been confirmed as having been backdoored by the NSA[0] and have
terrible business practices of their own[1]. The difference is their
firmware is much harder to reverse-engineer/examine/etc.


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