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Re: [PLUG] COVID-19 Philadelphia

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.

All I'm saying is that this post, full of claims, contained zero
evidence. And that's how bad things start...

On 3/19/20 17:58, CONNECT4CELLARDOOR via plug wrote:
> Hello all. I hope everyone is staying in. 
> I have some new details to share with you. 
> PA is going to move to a requirement of "shelter in place" starting
> Saturday. I do not know when this will be announced yet. 
> Shelter in place means you can go out to get food, medicine, walk your
> dog and the hospital. There will be a crack down on all non-essential
> business that is still open. Next week expect the hospitals to be full. 
> Also, 
> they are preparing to mobilize the national guard. Preparing to dispatch
> them across the US along with military. 
> Next they will call in 1st responders. They are preparing to announce a
> nationwide 1 week quarantine for all citizens All businesses closed.
> Everyone at home. They might extend quarantine for 2 months. They will
> have troops in place to help prevent looters and rioters. 
> I will be on freenode there is #coronavirus and I will be in my channel
> ##audio if you wish to chat. My opinion now is that it's best to not get
> your mail. Stay inside and wait for more information. The best chances
> for survival if you have any medical issues is to make it past the first
> wave. They will have more ventilators and more supplies after that. I
> wish you all well. Stay safe and good luck. 

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