Chris Thistlethwaite via plug on 19 Mar 2020 17:07:39 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] COVID-19 Philadelphia

I just bought Disney+, it's the end of times.

But seriously, don't do anything dumb, relax, get your mail, check in with your neighbors, wash your God damn hands. 

Also I'd like to take this off list as it has nothing to do with PLUG business or FOSS. 

Stay safe out there. 

-Chris T. 

On Thu, Mar 19, 2020, 7:58 PM Thomas Delrue via plug <> wrote:
Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.

All I'm saying is that this post, full of claims, contained zero
evidence. And that's how bad things start...

On 3/19/20 17:58, CONNECT4CELLARDOOR via plug wrote:
> Hello all. I hope everyone is staying in. 
> I have some new details to share with you. 
> PA is going to move to a requirement of "shelter in place" starting
> Saturday. I do not know when this will be announced yet. 
> Shelter in place means you can go out to get food, medicine, walk your
> dog and the hospital. There will be a crack down on all non-essential
> business that is still open. Next week expect the hospitals to be full. 
> Also, 
> they are preparing to mobilize the national guard. Preparing to dispatch
> them across the US along with military. 
> Next they will call in 1st responders. They are preparing to announce a
> nationwide 1 week quarantine for all citizens All businesses closed.
> Everyone at home. They might extend quarantine for 2 months. They will
> have troops in place to help prevent looters and rioters. 
> I will be on freenode there is #coronavirus and I will be in my channel
> ##audio if you wish to chat. My opinion now is that it's best to not get
> your mail. Stay inside and wait for more information. The best chances
> for survival if you have any medical issues is to make it past the first
> wave. They will have more ventilators and more supplies after that. I
> wish you all well. Stay safe and good luck.

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