Rich Mingin (PLUG) via plug on 5 Apr 2020 19:34:22 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] Dual booting Linux and Windows

Sight unseen and little available info, I'm guessing it's a rather old 18.04 thumb drive? You should grab the newest point release, 18.04.4, and use an up-to-date rufus or similar to write it, to ensure that it's written in a UEFI compatible format. UEFI boot has gone from recommended to nearly required IMO.

As for the actual source of breakage, I'm just guessing, but I'd say it's the NVMe disk (direct PCIe attach) not being supported by the kernel in the older Ubuntu point releases.

As an unsolicited recommend, I'd grab the latest 20.04 beta ISO and use that instead. It's much more recent and likely much more performant on recent hardware, and it'll be the standard/recommended LTS release in about three weeks. 

Normally I don't endorse betas for LTS users, but the timing is very much a factor here. You're much more likely to have a positive experience than any other point in the life cycle. (Packages are basically finalized and final bugs are being worked out/patched out/worked around). We are past beta release, kernel freeze in 4 days, release candidate and final freeze in 11 days. Final/public release is in 19 days. I'm running it on a few machines, very stable and reliable.  

On Sun, Apr 5, 2020 at 9:44 AM Eric H. Johnson via plug <> wrote:



Just got a new laptop. Don’t usually use Acer, but the Acer Aspire 5 came top rated for use with Linux. It also came with a 1TB SSD which makes it nice for dual boot, however I am having difficulty doing that. The existing OS is Windows 10 Pro.


I modified the BIOS to boot the thumb drive with Ubuntu Linux 18.04 LTS, and disabled secure boot. However running the Ubuntu install does not seem to see the hard drive and wants to install to the thumb drive, which it cannot since it is too small. Under the security tab there are other secure boot settings, but can only be accessed if secure boot is enabled. These settings include:


Secure boot mode: currently set to standard

Select an UEFI file as trusted


Note: A security password must be set to access the security and boot settings.


Anyone know the necessary settings to get Ubuntu to install for dual boot?





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