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Re: [PLUG] Dual booting Linux and Windows


Interesting video, the problem is, I do not have a selection in my BIOS equivalent to Storage | RSI Mode. 


On 4/6/20 18:45, Eric H. Johnson via plug wrote:
> David et al,
> I downloaded Ubuntu 20.04 beta, and it has the same problem.
> In the BIOS, HDD1 is identified as INTEL SDD...
> SATA mode is RST with Optane

There's your problem. That's not dual boot friendly. Unfortunately Windows tends to have issues with changing sata mode. I know switching legacy/ahci definitely results in unbootable installs.  From what I see it looks like RST mode is similar, but there may be a work around.

Found this video, may want to look at it and research based off of that.
"How to dualboot Ubuntu with Intel Optane/SSD in Windows" by "Vincent T"

The guy in the video shows a method to disable Optane for the install, but then re-enable it afterwards. Apparently you need some unallocated space at the end of the SSD left for Optane. (Among other steps...)

It looks like you have three options:

1: Completely disable RST/Optane, changing it to SATA. Then do a fresh/clean install of Windows on that setup, followed by Ubuntu.

2: Use Intel's "Intel Rapid Storage Technology" utility to disable Optane usage within Windows, so Windows won't lose it's mind when you disable Optane in the UEFI. Then disable Optane in UEFI, at which point you can install Ubuntu. (Maybe do a test boot in Windows first, after the UEFI change, to make sure it still works.)

3: Go whole hog like the video does and do the extra steps required to re-enable Optane after the Ubuntu install.

Option 1 should definitely work, but has a bunch of extra work. Option 2 
looks like a pretty safe way forward. I wouldn't really recommend option 
3 as I feel you're trying your luck using Optane out-of-spec like that.

The video has links listen in the description, but here they are the 
important ones for posterity.

How to disable Intel Optane Memory

Intel RST download link

Looks like that particular utility has been EOL'd, but the links on the 
page have more info about that. I'd suggest looking at what's already on 
your system and using that.

> Going to the security tab, it displays:
> HDD1: NVMe SSD doesn't support HDD
> I do not see any place that allows me to change the Intel RST setting.

It may be under Configuration -> Storage -> Controller mode.
It's also possible you need the Intel utility to enable the option.

> Regards,
> Eric

Good luck!

- PaulNM
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