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Re: [PLUG] Fwd: Zoom

My solution to using Zoom has been to make a "ghost" system.  Basically, I boot a Live CD (Lubuntu is my goto) completely into ram (not necessary but I like not having the USB stick hanging out).  I keep the Zoom (and Skype for that matter) on my storage network so once the system is up, I umount everything, remove the USB stick then connect to the storage network to install Zoom.  I create an account and switch over to it.  Get the Zoom meeting ID, password and I'm good to go.  When done, I just shutdown since everything was in RAM.

Someone with a Zoom account help me test yesterday- 3+ hours later, the only thing that had happened was that my mic dropped out for some unknown reason.  Just has to manually put the level up and turn off the auto adjustment.

I don't want to use Zoom but since everything else requires accounts and Jitsi Meet isn't in the know, this is my way around the situation.

BTW, this should work in virtualization too which is what I initially tried but for so reason, I'm having an issue with the system recognizing my cam when I pass it through.  I going to play with that more because then I could just keep a VM for Zoom or Skype.

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Zoom is still wonderful, esp to the people who don't know better.

When we were done with a Webex call, it stays huge, then started 
displaying stuff from address books and calendars. Teams is so huge that 
it needs its own monitor. Definitely more solid than Skype. Also didn't 
shrink to usable levels.

This sounds like an unaired Python (Monty) episode:

Hello, this is Ministry of Making Software You Can't Use because it's 
Bloody huge. How can I help you?

Sir, it's about this program from Microsoft...

Not YOU too. If I didn't have 7.5 hours of Microsoft complaints, I could 
get something done around here. They call me when I'm in the loo. I see 
the logos in my sleep.

I'm sorry- is this the  Ministry of Making Software You Can't Use 
because it's Bloody huge.


Ooh, I was hoping you were it. I can't get anything done, because I 
can't shrink the software past a certain point. And the design might've 
been done by monkeys on coke. Do you have any copies of Teams?

Sorry, Sir, usually arrives Tuesday.

No matter. Skype?

Fresh out of it, Sir.

Leisure Suit Larry?


I hear there's a great sale on Zoom.


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