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Re: [PLUG] Remote to an Ubuntu desktop

On 7/10/20 9:23 PM, Walt Mankowski via plug wrote:

My workstation at work is running Ubuntu 18.04. I usually ssh into it
over our VPN and that's fine, but I realized today that I could have
saved myself a rare (and today, very wet) trip into work if I had a
way to run the equivalent of Windows Remote Desktop. Nothing like
walking a few blocks through several inches of flooding water to focus
the mind on alternative solutions!

Anyone have any suggestions of packages I should look at? I don't need
to do anything fancy, mostly just drag some files from nautilus to a
browser tab in Firefox.

I use this trivial script to set up a one-run x11vnc connection to an existing Mint GUI desktop for remote support (mostly to Mom's in NJ). It has NO password and NO encryption, because I only use it over my LAN or VPN, and I have to already be able to SSH in to run this in the first place. Tunneling all of it over SSH should be trivial, just connect some local port to the target 5900 then connect the client to the local port instead of the target port.

I'm using Vinagre 3.22 "Remote Desktop Viewer" as a client, but...whatever.

#!/bin/bash -
# remote-desktop--Fire up a remote desktop session
# JP 2019-11-25 Mon

# TO-DO: SSH wrapper?
# Vino worked well for Mint-17, but after upgrade to Mint-19 was a total FAIL! # See:


[ -x "$X11VNC" ] || {
    echo "FATAL: '$X11VNC' not found or not executable!"
    echo 'Maybe try: apt install x11vnc'
    exit 1

echo "This has NO PASSWORD, and will overwrite the log in '$LOG..."
echo "It will only run once, when the remote side disconnects this (& access) will end." sudo x11vnc -display :0 -dontdisconnect -auth guess -repeat -nopw -rfbport 5900 -o $LOG

Good luck,
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