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Re: [PLUG] RAID-1 mdadm vs. Mobo H/W

I use just LVM for RAID- it does the mdadm  stuff under the hood but as you say, that just works.

The trick I've always used is creating the RAID-1 from a Live CD but you do still have to install to both disks.  I'm assuming that must be for MBR or EFI installations since boot info is boot info.

Despite the quirks of mdadm or LVM on system disks, I will not do hardware RAID personally.  Far too many horror stories in the mental archives.  The performance question is going to depend on workloads but I suspect if you wanted "high performance" you would be asking a different question :-)

I say stick to what is proven to work, be resilient and be understood by the user (you).  You don't want to learn on the job when you have a real problem to solve.

On 7/16/20 9:21 PM, JP Vossen via plug wrote:
I'm building 2 new PCs and I am wondering about RAID-1.  I've been using mdadm RAID-1 for at least a decade with excellent results. But I haven't had to deal with (U)EFI up to now, and that's a mess, along with the fact that the Linux Mint/Ubuntu `Ubiquity` installer doesn't do RAID.  :-(

I only care about RAID-1 (mirror) and Linux.  I would not even consider Mobo RAID anymore more complicated than a mirror, but since a mirror is *so* simple...

Build details:
* Asus ROG STRIX B450-F GAMING ATX AM4 Motherboard
* 2x M2 SSD/NVMe (2 different brands)
* LinuxMint-20 XFCE

    It Just Works, always and everywhere (for Linux)
    It tells me when there is a problem
    I know how to do everything, including replace and grow
    (U)EFI is painful on 2 disks, ongoing?
    Lack of installer support is REALLY painful...once

Mobo H/W
    Handles (U)EFI and installer lack-of-RAID because...
    ...Really easy and simple
    Depends on the Mobo H/W, which limits (replacement/move) options?
        Does it still work if moved or split up
        But...RAID-1 is *s0* simple...
    I have no clue how to replace a bad drive
    I have no clue how to grow a drive

Am I failing to consider anything?  Any thoughts?

I'm leaning towards `mdadm` because I know and trust it and have scripted it, but I figured it couldn't hurt to ask.

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