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Re: [PLUG] Schneier: Illegal Content and the Blockchain

On 3/18/21 8:39 AM, Rich Freeman wrote:
On Thu, Mar 18, 2021 at 12:27 AM JP Vossen via plug
<> wrote:

Really interesting:

My question is why is arbitrary data in the Bitcoin blockchain in the first place?  Despite Eric's talk I know (or remember) next to nothing about it, but it seems like data in a ledger would be ledger-like data, and not arbitrary.

The issue is somewhat controversial, but it is currently allowed.  It
is also impossible to really eliminate since data can be encoded in
arbitrary ways.  After all, data in your RAM is one-and-zero-like
data, and not "arbitrary," and yet here we are using it to send emails
and post cat pictures online.

That all makes sense, esp. tiny transactions to send codes or what have you.  I guess I was thinking more about embedding arbitrary data of a non-trivial size.

Again, I know nothing about blockchain or bitcoin, but for a ledger transaction it seems like the minimum you need is: 2 account/wallet/whatever IDs, an amount, and a direction.  Assuming even trivial data validation, I do not see where you put that cat GIF in there.

That said, I could easily be missing a bunch of fields, perhaps an arbitrary length "description/notes/memo" field, in which over, but also arguably poor planning.

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