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Re: [PLUG] Schneier: Illegal Content and the Blockchain


Yeah, that's probably it.  A distributed ledger records any sort of
transactions.  Just like XML stores any kind of data, even binary.

Bitcoins uses blockchain, but may not limit it to well-defined
financial transactions.  May just use the generic blockchain
mechanism, ignoring things that aren't valid Bitcoin transactions.
Other cryptocurrencies support automated self-enforcing
contracts, and NFTs (non-fungible tokens), etc.  Bitcoin may also.

Or it just has a comment field that's generic enough to store
images and other binary data.  Would be useful in recording
a transaction about a sale of a piece of property to include an
image of it.  Or an image of a signature.

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On 3/21/21 3:46 PM, JP Vossen via plug wrote:
That said, I could easily be missing a bunch of fields, perhaps an arbitrary length "description/notes/memo" field, in which over, but also arguably poor planning.

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