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Re: [PLUG] Arch on an M1 MacBook Pro

I'm not a fan of the fruit company either but I then again, I thought in our [FOSS] world we tend to ask "why not" or have answered such questions as "because I can".  :D

For what its worth, last year I got a hackintosh version to run on kvm on my new HP ultrabook.  Only reason I did it was because a friend of mine who has a Macbook was going to be connecting to my network via SSH.  I haven't been in it since but the fact that I could because someone took the time to play around actually solved a real issue.

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I can't speak to why this particular person did it, but the new
MacBooks Pro are really amazing machines. You can dismiss them as
"overpriced status symbols", but nobody else is even close to what
Apple's been able to do with their custom Arm chips. These laptops
have the best price/performance of any laptops on the market. Their
performance is comparable with high-end gamer laptops like Alienware,
but with far less power consumption. Even if they can't get all the
Apple-specific hardware working (and it sounds like they're still
working on the GPU), they still might well be the best Linux laptops
currently available.

Will was very excited about this at PLUG on Tuesday, so I'll leave it
to him to go into more detail. :)

Finally, I'll just point out that the only reason we have Linux on
laptops at all is that people bought expensive Windows laptops,
"deliberately crippled" them by trashing the perfectly cromulent
Windows partition, then got Linux booting on them. I don't see this as
being any different from that.


On Fri, Nov 12, 2021 at 12:03:33PM -0500, Thomas Delrue via plug wrote:
> But why......?
> Why would you spend money on an overpriced status symbol and then
> deliberately 'cripple'(*) it. Is this some kind of sick joke that I'm
> too poor to comprehend?
> Is it to have the ability to flash the apple logo on the outside of your
> device while still being able to do 'real' computing on the inside? No
> doubt that person will be snubbed and scoffed at by the intended
> audience of whom they are flashing the outside logo at. What's the point?
> (*) I do not mean that Arch is a crippling OS (quite the opposite, I
> love Arch); instead I mean to say "that thing is designed for macOS and
> macOS is designed for that thing, anything /but/ macOS on that thing
> will always be a second-rate experience - by design"
> On 11/12/21 09:00, Walt Mankowski via plug wrote:
> > We were just discussing this at PLUG North on Tuesday, and now
> > someone's gone on Twitter and shown how they did it!
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