JP Vossen via plug on 5 Jan 2022 17:38:05 -0800

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Re: [PLUG] Open source Mail client

That's arguably worse, totally unnecessary, and wasteful of bandwidth.  No.  What Walt said, +1,000.

On 1/5/22 8:28 PM, H Mottaleb via plug wrote:
I think you misunderstood what I meant by image. It's not an image of me but my company logo. Most businesses today use those as a signatures along with some way of contacting them.

Not only that, I can go into my phone and look at my sent messages and see that my image and logo show up just fine. I've tested this with other phone as well.

On Jan 5, 2022, at 6:51 PM, Walt Mankowski via plug <> wrote:

The short answer is "Please don't." You're inevitably going to piss
people off by setting your signature to be an image. Also there are
some of us who still read a lot of our email in text mode browsers
like mutt, and we'll ever see your signature.

If you insist on doing it anyway, the thing to understand is that
email is at its heart a text-only medium. The way programs do rich
text is by formatting it as HTML and sending it as an attachment.
Because of that legacy, any support for images in signatures is going
to be spotty and not universally supported. The Mail program on macOS,
for instance, seems to only support plain-text signatures, while
Fastmail's web GUI has its complete rich text icon bar.

Looking at Thunderbird's support page for signatures [1] it looks like
you could either pick an file to be your signature, or you could
include HTML with an IMG tag to pull the image from somewhere else.



On Wed, Jan 05, 2022 at 05:59:47PM -0500, H Mottaleb via plug wrote:
Thank you all for your suggestions!

Installed Thunderbird and tried playing with it today a bit. I’m having problems with setting my signature with an image.

When I try to input the image simply by copying and pasting it into the signature box and then go into "write" which is Thunderbirds version of compose, all I see are a bunch of symbols and numbers. I know that it works by using the an old HTML code but that's not the style and color of signature that I want on my emails. If there's any way I can simply copy and paste it in there that would be ideal.


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