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Re: Umbunto Not Updating & Firefox Not Working

Avoiding HTTPS redirection for going through the ""click through" agreement/notice page or the like" in order to connect to WiFi :

"Captive portal" Wi-Fi usually doesn't redirect HTTPS so trying to navigate
to google.com won't work as Google defaults to HTTPS. Chris is probably
running into the same thing with Yahoo.

Yes, that's why I explicitly gave http://www.google.com/
and not https://www.google.com/
If one reaches the above and isn't ensnared by a captive portal, and
is allowing the relevant _javascript_ bits, http://www.google.com/
does a _javascript_ driven redirect (or refresh or reload or whatever)
to https://www.google.com/

Yep, hence my top suggestion to connect using www.actransit.org
1. No doubt about it that www.actransit.org *regularly* resolves to http://www.actransit.org ; definitely *not* httpS:www.actransit.org
2. Chris, I think you would be VERY familiar with www.actransit.org :D


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