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Re: Yelp updated(?) ... Re: Alert! 85C is closed!

Quoting Michael Paoli (Michael.Paoli@cal.berkeley.edu):

> Yup, I also "updated" on Yelp, indicating the business was
> permanently closed for that location,
> but that update (at least at the time) was pending review
> by moderators (provided the relevant info, so likely so updated by
> now).  I also added a "review" with essentially that same info,
> and also uploaded photo - the one that Tom took of the posted
> sign of the closure.

I've noticed that Yelp is often really slow to accept and implement
reviews, even ones accompanied by good evidence, of a business closing, 
e.g., when I entered information about a cherished place being
permanently gone and included my e-mail address and cell 'phone number,
etc. -- but the Yelp review continued to claim the vanished business as
operational for years.

I'm sure they rely on a trust-metric algorithm to try to protect against
Internet mischief, so it may be that they accept such updates only from
users with a sufficiently high Yelp reputation.

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