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Re: BerkeleyLUG meetup this Sunday 2019-09-22 at Cafe Blue Door

A timely reminder here that the second BerkeleyLUG
meetup of the month (and very first one of Fall
2019) is this upcoming Sunday, September 22nd,
"officially" happening from *11am to 2pm PDT
at Berkeley's Cafe Blue Door.
* note the revised times, as Michael P
previously posted on this mailing-list.

Well, someone else discretely pointed out to me off the
mailing-list that this Sunday, September 22nd just isn't
Fall quite yet, so I'm wrong about the above :-(
According to https://www.almanac.com/content/first-day-fall-autumnal-equinox ,
the first day of Fall is the very next morning of Monday, September 23rd.

This Sunday's 11am to 2pm meetup is thus technically/astronimically
the very last possible one of Summer 2019.
Sorry about that mistake; was somehow informed that Fall *always*
starts on September 22nd :-\


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