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Re: BerkeleyLUG (website): Removing spambot Users - User action needed ...


I posting it here
my apologiez for that but here is my question

I'm on a System76 laptop. It has a 250GB SSD and a 2TB Spinning Disk.

My backup hygiene is less than perfect.

I'd gotten read errors from the larger disk in a few directories. I decided to reboot.

I then didn't even see the secondb larger hard drive as a device (no /dev/sdb ).

I then decided to fully power it down, and start it up.

I am hearing an internal whirring/beeping(?) sound when the computer starts, and the disk light stays on. I get some ASCII art startup screen that looks like it's from the BIOS, and starting Ubuntu fails.

I would like:
1) A backup of both disks, as much as recoverable. I can provide a 4TB removable drive with enough free space.
2) A box that boots to Linux again.


El viernes, 20 de septiembre de 2019, 8:19:12 (UTC-7), Michael Paoli escribió:
BerkeleyLUG (website): Removing spambot Users

If you are a registered User on the web site (https://berkeleylug.com/)
you may want to pay attention to the above posting.  We'll be removing
(suspected) spambot accounts bit over a month from now.
In relevant part you may particularly want to pay attention to:

User action needed / how do I avoid getting my User account removed
along with the spambot accounts?:

o Looks like the spambots can't be bothered to set a First Name and/or
   Last Name on the profile of their account, so set a non-blank
   First Name and/or Last Name on your Profile Personal Options.
o Be or become a subscriber to our BerkeleyLUG list (Google Groups).
   For all email addresses subscribed to that list, for Users Registered
   on our BerkeleyLUG web site where we have a matched email address,
   we'll presume that user isn't a spambot and won't remove that
   registered User account in our spambot purging efforts (be sure your
   email addresses match - do you need to change/update for them to
o Be grandfathered in (only applies to a very small number of Users) -
   if your account was already on the site before we migrated hosting
   (your account was created before 2019-08-30), we'll consider you
   grandfathered in and not a spambot - that's only these Username

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