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Re: Weather station cont. V2

On Sun, Dec 15, 2019 at 12:50 PM tom r lopes <tomrlopes@gmail.com> wrote:
Well it is a wash this week. 
No free tables at all. VR guy is here though in his usual spot
See you guys next week

As a quite-related FYI, 1) Cal's Final Examinations run from Monday, December 16th to Friday, December 20, 2019, 2) Cal's Fall Semester officially ends Friday, December 20, 2019, and 3) Winter Commencement is Saturday, December 21, 2019 ---> am directly referring to Cal's Academic Calendar at http://guide.berkeley.edu/academic-calendar/
One would therefore easily guess that Cafe Blue Door was crowded today primarily due to the majority of Cal students studying for their Finals and working on whatever projects they may have whose deadlines are this upcoming week.

Cafe Blue Door should be much less crowded next Sunday, the day after Winter Commencement, when many Cal students will be leaving or will have already left for the Winter Holidays.


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