Warwick Poole on Wed Oct 12 17:35:21 2005

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[PhillyOnRails] Introductions

  • From: wpoole@gmail.com (Warwick Poole)
  • Subject: [PhillyOnRails] Introductions
  • Date: Wed Oct 12 17:35:21 2005


I have been into unixy things since first logging into a FreeBSD box at
University in South Africa in 1995. A friend, who was one of the first PHP
development team members, introduced me to PHP and I have been alternating
dev/sysadmin roles in various media/publishing/software companies in South
Africa, London and now in Philadelphia and DC. Proficient in PHP for app
dev, Perl for sysadmin stuff. At the moment I sysadmin some 3-tier
enterprise applications in a mainly Solaris/Weblogic/Oracle world. I am a
PLUG member and recognize some of the names on this list from the PLUG lists
and meetings..

I am new to both Ruby and Rails, semi-new to MVC although I was a sysadmin
in a very Struts-y software shop once, so I have a little experience. I have
worked through most of the intro to Rails articles I can find and am busy
working through the Pragmatic Rails book. I have (ambitiously, stupidly?)
started building a rather complicated financial tracking tool in my spare
time in Rails so I can learn it. I am thinking seriously about going to the
Pragmatic Rails Studio in Reston. Who else from this list is going?

And this pic shows the power of AJAX on Rails:


On 10/12/05, Chris Braddock <smapdi636@hotmail.com> wrote:
> I've been developing professionally since around '94. I've mostly used a
> litle-known language/RDBMS called Progress with various sidetracks in to
> other technologies over the years.
> I'm currently employed as a web developer maintaining a legacy Progress
> codebase but I'll soon be venturing out on my own in some
> consulting/entrepreneurial fashion.
> I'm very new to Ruby, Rails, and OO concepts in general. I recently read
> The Pragmatic Programmer which eventually led me in the Ruby/Rails
> direction.
> As of today I'm still working through tutorials and the Pragmatic
> Programmer
> books on both Ruby & Rails (with their Subversion book queued behind
> that).
> It's very exciting stuff. I hope I can get up to speed become productive
> quickly.
> Chris
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