Vinnie Garcia on Wed Oct 12 19:20:02 2005

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[PhillyOnRails] Introductions

  • From: (Vinnie Garcia)
  • Subject: [PhillyOnRails] Introductions
  • Date: Wed Oct 12 19:20:02 2005

> Wow.  We're up over 30 people now.  Time to do some introductions and
> get to know each other.  
I just joined the list a couple of days ago so this is my first posting...

My name's Vinnie Garcia. I've been doing web development for almost 5 
years now, since before I got my Information Systems degree. I worked 
with a real estate investment company in Orlando maintaining their 
website and intranet for about 3 years. Last year I moved up here to 
Philadelphia. Currently I work as a web developer for a software company 
in Yardley. Right now I spend 90% of my working time in JSP and XML, 
with some ASP to maintain a legacy app or two when needed. In addition 
to this I've always done side work in some capacity, building apps in 
ASP and later PHP for myself and those who would hire me. I got into 
Ruby and Rails a few months ago after reading the now-famous OnLamp 
articles. Every day I use Ruby for something I find out something even 
cooler about it. Nowadays Rails has pretty much removed the need for me 
to use PHP for new or custom development jobs. It's definitely a 
framework I wouldn't mind using full-time in the future.

-Vinnie Garcia