Erin Mulder on Wed Oct 12 13:23:36 2005

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[PhillyOnRails] Introductions

Wow.  We're up over 30 people now.  Time to do some introductions and
get to know each other.  Here's mine:

I've been developing dynamic webapps since around 1995 when I started
writing C-based CGI scripts.  Over the years, I've done everything from
Perl to PHP to Cold Fusion, but have spent most of my time on Java.  I
discovered Rails about a year ago and am loving it.  Right now, I'm
working full-time on a Rails app for television station management.

I also try to spend time helping out with Math, CS and Foreign Language
education and have a few projects going on in those areas, including:

 * The development of fun simulation applets and webapps to help K-5
students learn discrete math concepts (mostly Java, but maybe some Ruby
at some point)

 * The creation of a platform for collaborative foreign language
education, where the masses come together to gather, organize, translate
and record learning modules (Rails + AJAX)

  (Both projects can always use more volunteers!)

So... what about the rest of you?  What kind of work do you do?  How did
you get into Rails?  What projects are you involved with?