Brian McCallister on Sat Oct 22 19:50:58 2005

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[PhillyOnRails] Introductions

  • From: (Brian McCallister)
  • Subject: [PhillyOnRails] Introductions
  • Date: Sat Oct 22 19:50:58 2005

Hi, my name is Brian, I used to work with Erin (and miss Chariot  
(sigh)), but now work at a social and situated software startup  
called Ning out in Silicon Valley, so cannot make PhillyOnRails  
meetings -- but will be there in spirit!

I came to rails through ruby, having been made a ruby convert some  
years ago when faced with really mastering perl, learning ruby, or  
learning python. I kind of punted and went with gauche scheme for  
systems scripting, but (happily) wound up back with ruby, and have  
been in love since.

I haven't been paid to hack Rails, and don't foresee it in the *near*  
future, but you never know. I have used, and will continue to use,  
lots of ruby for all my scripting needs though =)